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  • 6th Grade Mathematics

         Chapter 1: Whole Numbers, Prime Numbers and Prime Factorization

         Chapter 2: Number Lines and Negative Numbers 

         Chapter 3: Fractions and Decimals

         Chapter 4: Ratio    

         Chapter 5: Rates and Speed  

         Chapter 6: Percent  

         Chapter 7: Algebraic Expression 

         Chapter 8: Equations and Inequalities 

         Chapter 9: The Coordinate Plane

         Chapter 10: Areas of Polygon 

         Chapter 11: Surface Areas and Volumes of Solids

         Chapter 12: Introduction to Statistics

         Chapter 13: Measures of Central Tendency and Variability


    6th Grade Pre-algebra
    The purpose of a 6th grade Pre-algebra class is to provide students with an opportunity to be challenged appropriately in regards to both content and pace. Students in the accelerated Pre-algebra class will study all of the curriculum that is studied in the 7th grade pre-algebra classes offered at our middle school. The major topics studied include: integers, equations, ratios, proportions, percents, geometry, statistics and applications. The factors considered for placement are a combination of standardized measures, curriculum based assessments, and teacher observation. No one factor can successfully determine a student’s most appropriate placement. Each student’s profile is considered carefully to ensure that he/she is placed in the program that will best meet his/her needs academically, emotionally, and socially. The criteria used to determine a child’s placement in 6th grade Pre-algebra are listed below.

    · Report Card Grades: Students coming from 5th Grade Accelerated Math are required to earn A's or B's in all three Trimesters of 5th grade. Students coming from Standard 5th Grade Math are required to earn A's or B's in all three Trimesters of 5th grade and they must earn an A in at least one of the Trimesters in 5th grade.

    · Teacher Recommendation: Required


    · 5th Grade End of Year Test: 90% or higher


    · 5th Grade Spring Universal screener: 90% or higher


    · 5th Grade PSSA Score: The PSSA score changes each year to reflect a score that is approximately the top 25% of the 5th grade class.