Graduation             Graduation          Graduation
    Graduation 2024 is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 4:15pm
    FAQ concerning graduation.
    1. Space is limited, all carpooling is appreciated. We close our lot when it becomes full, no exceptions for entry after this happens, this includes those with Reserved Parking Permits!
    2. There is a shuttle that runs from Mill Creek Elementary to CB South.
    3. There are preferred/handicap spaces reserved in front and behind school. The reserved spaces are closest to the stadium in front and back. These spaces are by request through this office or for anyone with a handicap license plate or tag. Spaces are guaranteed up to one hour before the ceremony starts. Requests should be e-mailed to aweber@cbsd.org.
    4. We also ask that in the surrounding community, especially the Mill Creek Development that you adhere to all parking rules and regulations. It is not okay to park wherever you can because your son or daughter is graduating or because you are arriving late. That often creates safety
    issues for emergency personnel which we would like to avoid. Plan Ahead, Arrive Early, Carpool!
    Stadium Seating
    1. Both sets of bleachers are handicap accessible.
    2. We do not reserve seating in the stadium. We do put signs on the first two rows of the bleachers asking those who can climb up not to sit there. There are cut outs in the first row of the bleachers for wheelchairs. We also suggest that if walking up a ramp is difficult, that you bring a lawnchair and sit on ground level.
    Auditorium Viewing 
    1. Spectators are also welcome to view a live broadcast from our AIR-CONDITIONED AUDITORIUM! This is open and available whether the ceremony takes place outside or in!

    Indoor Ceremony
    Not Applicable this year.