•                                           Lost and Found

     Lost and Found items are monitored by the security office. They are kept by Mrs. Tomczak and stored in a closet on the second floor. Students are welcome to contact any security member to check for lost items. Students and/or parents should contact this office a minumum of two times if your lost item is not in our possesion on your first check. Honestly we do not mind. We end the year with many quality items that get donated to Goodwill. It sometimes takes lost items several days to get turned in, so you should always check back at least once. Parents it is easier to e-mail jtomczak@cbsd.org  because she is often away from her desk/phone. Whether e-mailing or calling just leave a brief description of the lost item and your name, a return contact will be made as soon as we can check for your lost item.

    Joann Tomczak