Family, community and culture are the gateways to learning throughout the Kindergarten through three curriculum. The elementary curriculum builds on the diversity of the Central Bucks community.  Students' knowledge is developed through a study of literature, family experiences, and oral history# Students compare and contrast a variety of cultures and communities, leading to a study of people who immigrated to the United States# Students use a variety of geography skills which include: reading and making maps and globes; using a scale to compute distance; and examination of topography, climate, and other geographic phenomena/patterns. 
    In fourth and fifth grades students learn about their state, regions of our country, and the history that has shaped our nation; as well as the impact that geography has had on their historical development. Both grade levels draw from the themes of exploration, independence, revolution and national development. 
    The sixth grade curriculum is focused around studying the people and events that ushered in the dawn of the major Western and non-Western ancient civilizations. The course challenges students to discover why civilizations developed when and where they did, what caused the rise and fall of certain civilizations, and establish the link between the contemporary and ancient worlds. Students learn the development of the human story through the study of geography, the study of civilizations social, economic, and political structures. Students also study the establishment and spread of ideas that transformed the world.  In the middle school, seventh grade is considered "part two" of this curriculum.