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    Any vehicle without a properly displayed permit will be ticketed. 


    **At this time, MyPaymentsPlus is closed for purchasing a parking space as all spaces are full.  Permits for street parking will be on a first come, first served basis.  New applicants will be placed on a waiting list for a parking space on CB West's campus. 


    *Any student with an outstanding obligation will be ineligible for a parking space until the obligation is cleared at the appropriate house office.  Obligations include missing physicals, immunizations, library books, fines, textbooks, and athletic uniforms.

    In order to apply for a parking pass for the 2021-2022 school year, students must review and complete the 4 documents linked below.  You MUST include photocopies of registration and a driver's license.  Please put a contact number on the outside of the envelope when you drop off the paperwork just in case your packet is incomplete. Forms will be accepted, but spaces will be assigned by the Safety & Security Office.
    • Students MUST have a driver's license to apply (not a driver's permit).
    • Completed forms should be delivered to Mrs. Johnsen in the security office located by the back of the cafeteria off of MacFarlane Lane.



    Students are not allowed to park on MacFarlane Lane at any time during the school day. 

    Questions should be addressed to Mrs. Johnsen (ljohnsen@cbsd.org) in the Safety and Security Office.



    TO VIEW STUDENT PARKING SPACES FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR, STUDENTS SHOULD LOGIN TO THE CB WEST WEBPAGE. (Enter your school email address without the '@student.cbsd.org'.)

    **If using your phone, click on the MENU option at the top of the CB West page. Scroll down and click 'Account'. Then you can login from there.


    Website Login Picture


    AFTER LOGGING ONTO THE WEST WEBPAGE ON A COMPUTER, CLICK ON THE 'PARENTS/STUDENTS' TAB, THEN 'FOR STUDENTS'. UNDER 'STUDENT PARKING' YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE '*PARKING SPACES' (Click on the black down arrow next to 'Student Parking' if 'Parking Spaces' does not appear right away.)

    **IF USING YOUR PHONE: Once logged in (see directions above), click on MENU > Parents/Students > Parking Spaces (this should be visible under 'Student Parking')


    Parking Spaces webpage