Comprehensive Planning Gets Underway

Dr. Nadine Garvin, Central Bucks’ assistant superintendent for elementary education, provided a brief overview of the district’s comprehensive plan submission during the board's May 28 meeting. The board later approved the business, community, and parent representatives that will serve on the district’s comprehensive planning committee.

Mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), the effort is essentially a needs assessment process relative to eight core foundations, as labeled by the Commonwealth: standards, curriculum, instruction, assessments, safe and supportive schools, materials and resources, professional education, and special education.

The process will have the district analyze data and systems in these areas at all grade levels, set goals, and develop sub-goals and action plans to accomplish these goals. The plan is due every three years and also includes the district's special education plan, approved by the board earlier this year.

The current plan extends through June 30, 2020. The plan has two over-arching goals with their own sub goals and action plans including the development of a school/community outreach program and the use of educational technology to support the instructional goals of the district.

The updated plan is due to PDE on November 30, 2019, and will be subjected to a 28-day public review period. The process also necessitates a review committee comprised of board members, administrators, teachers, educational specialists, parents, community members, business and community representatives, and students. A draft of the plan is anticipated to be prepared for the board’s initial review in September.

The review committee and sub-groups will begin reviewing goals in June, with an eye toward ensuring the plan is aligned with the district’s vision.