• What is "West United"?

    Central Bucks High School West has been working to implement initiatives to increase cultural competence and promote awareness, understanding and acceptance in our school community.  We believe that all people are worthy of respect and everyone should be valued.  Through active listening, courageous conversations, and collaboration, we can continue to provide a safe learning environment while enhancing the social and emotional wellness of students and staff. 

    Several groups and action plans have been created to advance this work: 

    • No Place for Hate Steering Committee made up of administration and staff representation.
    • No Place for Hate At Large Committee consisting of student, alumni and staff representatives of clubs. 
    • CB West Ambassadors Club.  Members of this club have been trained by the ADL to carry forth social and emotional wellness work. 
    • Achieved designation as a No Place for Hate School. 

      This collective approach is "West United"!!


    Student Planners

    During our 2021-22 Student Voice Days, we learned that students were looking for ways to reduce their academic stress.  Based on this information, the West United student group spearheaded an initiative to sell planners for this academic school year.  The planners are 6.625x9, cost $5 and can be purchased at My Payments Plus. Here's how to purchase and pick up:

    1.  Order your planner by pre-paying at Link: My Payments Plus

    2.  Your student can pick up their planner anytime in B205 with proof of payment by showing a receipt.

    Note: If you have an IEP, please wait before ordering to speak to your case manager.  

    Front Cover of Planner

    Inside of Planner