E-Flyer Folder Guidelines

  • Guidelines for Posting a Flyer

    Per school board policy, Central Bucks distributes information through the E-Friday Folder for non-profit organizations with an event or service of interest to students and parents.

    • The event should be within our attendance boundaries, and the event should pertain to or involve students.

    • Organizations interested in posting a flyer should e-mail a PDF of the flyer by the 10th of the month to be posted on the 15th, or the 25th of the month to be posted on the 30th to: EFlyerFolder@cbsd.org  PLEASE NOTE THIS NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS.

    • Please suggest a length of time for the flyer to be posted, and name the file with a descriptive but brief name. "DAAFieldHockeyReg" is better than "FieldHockeyflyerforschools." Often there are two or three flyers for the same type of program.

    • The flyer must indicate the non-profit status of the organization in order to receive approval.

    • All submissions must have selectable text in order to meet ADA guidelines.


    Questions? Please call Community Relations: 267-893-3162