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    **All kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade athletes will be able to be assisted by ONE parent / guardian during the race.** 

    Swim Course Entrance 

    After athletes have been checked into the race and have their bikes and gear setup in the transition area, they should proceed to the Auxiliary Gym entrance.  Athletes will enter the gym and be organized in lines to move from the Auxiliary Gym to the pool.

    Swim Course

    Athletes will enter the water from the pool deck in a rolling start format and swim across the width of the pool. Ten athletes will be swimming at a time.  Kindergarten, first, and second grade will swim one width (20 yards), third and fourth will swim three widths(60 yards), and fifth and six will swim five widths (100 yards).

    Swim to Bike Transition

    Athletes will exit the water and proceed out the pool area to the back parking lot of Central Bucks High School South to enter the Transition Area.

    Transition Area

    Athletes will enter the Transition Area through the Swim In entrance. In the Transition Area, all athletes will have a designated location marked by their race number where they will have their biking and running gear waiting for them. Athletes will put on their sneakers, bike helmet, shorts, and CB Kids Triathlon T-shirt (with their race number attached to it) before leaving the Transition Area to start the Bike Course.  

    Bike Course

    Athletes will use the BIKE OUT exit to leave the transition area to start the bike course.  Once on the course, kindergarten, first grade and second grade will complete 1 loop, third grade and fourth grade will complete 3 loops, and fifth grade and sixth grade will complete 5 loops of the bike course. Athletes will re-enter the transition area through the BIKE IN entrance and put their bikes and bike helmets back in their designated locations.  Athletes will proceed to the Run Out exit of the transition area to start the Run Course.  

    Run Courses

    Athletes will enter the Run Course and follow the signs directing them along the course.  Barricade fence, traffic delineators, and cones will be used to guide runners as they complete the course.  Kindergarten, first, and second grade athletes will run 0.50 mile, third and fourth grade athletes will run 0.75 mile, and fifth and sixth grade athletes will run 1.0 mile.

    Post Race

    Athletes will run across the finish line and receive their CB Kids Triathlon medal and a post-race bag with water and food in it.  Athletes can get their picture taken in front of the CB Kids Triathlon banners, and awards will be given out directly after each event is finished.