• All students who become ill in school must be seen in the health office. Please encourage your child to come to the nurse when not feeling well and to refrain from calling you via cell phone. If the nurse determines the student needs to go home; the nurse will contact the parent/guardian directly.


    If your child is experiencing a long term or debilitating illness e.g. surgery, mononucleosis, etc. , please contact the Health Office so we may assist the student in transitioning back to school.


    Please be mindful that if the student is ill and comes to school, the student could infect other students in the school. Also, your child could contract another illness because of a stressed immune system


    In addition to communicable diseases, Central Bucks reserves the right to exclude students for the following reasons:

    -Illness that prevents a student from participating in activities

    -Fever (100.4 or higher). Students may not return to school until free of fever without medication for 24 hours.

    -Diarrhea or vomiting during the previous 24 hours. Student may not return to school until appetite returns to normal

    -Rash with a fever

    -Other conditions, deemed appropriate, after assessment by the school nurse