The Central Bucks School District Veterans Recognition Project is made up of students, teachers, Veteran alumni, and administrators who are intent on honoring the service of our students and employees.


    Committee members:


    Veteran CBSD Alumni:

    United States Marine Chris Stratton, CBW Class of 1968 and Retired CBSD Employee

    United States Army Veteran William Dunn, CBW Class of 1965 Alumni and Retired CBSD Employee



    Central Bucks History Corps Members

    Program emblem created by Janice C., CBE Class of 2020. Wording by Alexandra W., CBW Class of 2020


    Program Emblem Design:

    Janice Chen, CBE Class of 2020

    Alexandra Worrall, CBW Class of 2020


    Teachers Advisors:

    Mr. Chris Johnson, History Corps Advisor CBE

    Ms. Victoria Prendergast, CBS Class of 2011, History Corps Advisor UMS

    Mr. Ryan Spangler, CBE Class of 2000, History Corps Advisor LMS/CBW


    Committee Leadership:

    Committee Chair Dr. Matthew Fash CBSD Administrator and CBS Class of 2005

    Mrs. Angela Linch Communications and Public Relations Administrator

    Dr. H. Nicholas Chubb LMS Class of 1967 and CBE Class of 1971