Find My Bus

  • Find My Bus Disclaimer.

    Find My Bus software is designed to identify current bus stop locations for public school students. Information for private school students is not available for all schools at this time. Do not rely on this software to determine school attendance boundaries or school district borders. (see School District Attendance Boundary maps for more information)

    Click the link below to view district and school boundary areas.

    Home buyers should consult tax parcel maps to determine the exact location of a home within a municipality to ascertain the correct school district and specific school boundaries.

    By entering your address, parents and students may view the bus stop location, pickup and drop-off times, the bus number as well as a map view to pinpoint the exact location of the bus stop.
    If your address/street is not recognized, try entering your street without clarifiers including: East, E, West, W, Court, Lane, Drive, Road, etc. Typically several choices will appear and you may then select the correct one.

    (Note: if your street is preceded by a directional description such as "E" or "East" and the above instruction does not work, enter the descriptor "East" and then click on the search. A listing of streets will then appear and you may select the correct one.)

    Additionally, some street names are repeated in different areas of the school district. When a 2 digit number appears after a street name, this number is the last 2 digits of the zip code for that location. Please choose the correct combination and proceed.