• Westsylvania Transformation Pictures

    Westsylvania Pre-transformation


    Phase 1 and 2 of the Westsylvania courtyard has involved the following work:

    1. Tree and shrub transplant

    2. Excavation and construction of new path (The path is made of gravel with a structural base allowing for ADA approved handicapped accessibility.)

    3. Prep soil for meadow seeds

    4. Construction of earthen mounds to be used to showcase student artwork

    5. The center space (outdoor classroom) is surrounded by two bioswale for the treatment of stormwater runoff through plant remediation and ultimately defined by a meadow that has not been planted yet. This space will be able to be used as an outdoor learning environment for students and faculty that can serve a number of purposes. 

    Westsylvania 1             Westsylvania 2

    Flower - Westsylvania