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Frequently Asked Questions





    What is the Honoring Our Titans wall?

    The wall of honor is a memorial located across from the nurse’s office of Central Bucks High School South. It is dedicated to honor the graduates and staff who have served or are currently serving in a branch of the United States military.

    What are the requirements to be put on the wall?

    In order to be recognized on this wall, one must be staff or alumni of Central Bucks High School South, and must have served or are curretly serving in the military, as either active duty or reserve service member. If these requirements are met, one must then fill out the application form located on the Wall Committee’s website and attach all necessary documents. Attached documents must provide proof of military involvement. If the honoree is now a veteran, the required documentation must be in the form of a DD214. If still in active duty, then either a letter from a commanding officer, the first line of a LES, or a photo copy of Military ID will be sufficient proof of service.  You can refer to the Getting on the Wall page for more information.


    Do current students at military academies qualify for recognition on the wall?

    Unfortunately, because the enrollment in a military academy does not ensure the future pursuit of a career in the United States military, we are unable to include these people on the wall.

    Is there a cost to be honored on the wall?

    There is absolutely no financial requirement to be honored on the wall.

    Where is this wall located?
    Honoring Our Titans wall is located within Central Bucks High School South. It is displayed on the wall across from the nurse’s office and is adjacent to the cafeteria. 

    Must I be present at any time to be honored?

    No, there is no requirement of presence to be honored. Inductions will take place during CB South's veterns day ceremony annually.  Delayed applications may lead to one's induction being postponed to the next year.

    Can you guarantee the security of given information?

    Yes, all of the information given will be viewed only by a select group of students and staff who are dedicated to the Wall Committee. The only information that will be viewed by the public is the honoree’s name, branch of service, and year of graduation. Any personal information that an applicant is unwilling to share may be blacked out. Also, the document needed to prove military involvement will be destroyed upon approval.