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Getting on the wall

      Located on this page is the application form necessary for anyone who intends to be recognized on Honoring Our Titans. This form may be completed by the military personnel to whom it pertains, or a parent or guardian of the honoree. In order to qualify to be honored on the wall, one must have current or previous involvement in the United States military.  Applicant must be a graduate or staff member of Central Bucks High School South. The Central Bucks High School South community is extremely grateful for the sacrifices made by military personnel and has created Honoring Our Titans to give them the recognition that they deserve.


                In order to be honored on Honoring Our Titans, proof of military involvement must be provided. For veterans, a copy of a DD214 is mandatory.  For active duty personnel, we require a letter from the honoree's commanding officer or a Leave and Earning Statement (LES).  We will only need the first line of the most recent LES issued to the honoree. None of the information presented on the LES will be made accessible towards the public. As an additional option, we allow a photo copy of a military Identification Card to be sent in. Proof of military involvement is necessary to be honored on Honoring Our Titans in order to maintain its legitimacy. .

    Requirements/Documents requested:
                   Form DD214 (copy)                                           

             Active Members:
                   Letter from Commanding Officer

                   Copy of Military ID
              Most recent LES (copy of first line)

     A photograph of the honoree is requested, but not mandatory.  

    The photograph you provide must adhere to the standards of Central Bucks High School South. If approved, this photograph will be displayed digitally beside the wall of honor. 

    We also have a display case that will include various artifacts or school appropriate memorabilia may also be displayed if desired.

    Application Form