• Essential Questions

    The following questions guide Business teachers' work in developing curriculum and planning units and lessons. They are examples of questions that students should be able to answer during and at the conclussion of taking Business classes.

    How can I best prepare for my future?

    Is there a difference between a career and an occupation?

    What steps should be taken to effectively lay the foundations for a career choice?

    How can one be successful in owning a business or working in the business world?

    How do you determine when a business is not succeeding, and how do you determine what needs to change?

    How do different areas of business relate to each other?

    How does one manage information and utilize technology effectively?

    In the age of information, how can data be best stored, retrieved, and organized for reporting and analysis, in order to improve business operations?

    How can I effectively use the Internet to gather a variety of research from valid/reliable sources?

    What professional organizations are available to provide accurate information in answering questions regarding different areas of business?

    What resources are available to help individuals find jobs, own businesses, and receive training?

    What impact do copyright rules have on student generated content?

    How can students safeguard their intellectual property?

    What are the critical skills needed for success in the 21st century?

    Why are both good business practices and ethical behavior essential to succeed in business?

    How do ethics impact business decisions?

    How can the use of electronic resources increase productivity in school and the workplace?

    How do you determine the most effective form of business communication?

    How important are aesthetics in communications?

    What responsibility does business have to the community in which it is located, and the world?

    In today's competitive job environment, what can I do to increase my appeal to business?

    Is there such a thing as a recession-proof career?

    What can I do today to prepare myself for retirement? Is it too early to be thinking about retirement?

    Am I preparing myself for a career that is in demand now or a career that will be in demand 5, 10, or 20 years from now?

    How do stereotypes and discriminatory behaviors impact job opportunities?

    How do interpersonal skills affect one’s employability and advancement opportunities within various work settings?

    What are strategies for managing conflict within a work team?

    How does the ability to work with diverse people and in diverse settings affect work and productivity?

    How can high school training influence one’s marketability for employment opportunities?