• Integrated Technology Courses:

    Integrated Technology I
    In this course, students’ technological skill sets and application acumen will be expanded, and a sense of digital citizenship enhanced through a project-based approach that utilizes Central Bucks Technology Standards and builds upon the elementary technology toolkit.

    Integrated Technology II
    This course introduces students to the essentials of entrepreneurship through the application of how entrepreneurs utilize technology to start and operate companies.  During the progression of the course, students will collect data to create a business, based on a need within the community.  After identifying the need, students will construct a business plan using the MS Office Suite, along with creating and presenting a website and commercial using Web 2.0 tools.  This project-based course will utilize Central Bucks Technology Standards, which builds upon the K-7 technology toolkit.

    Technology and Application Development
    This course introduces 9th grade students to the fundamentals of mobile application (app) design and development utilizing coding and app development programs. Students will progress through the stages of app development, starting with the design process and culminating with the completion and marketing of their app. The goal of this course is to incorporate additional technology and problem-solving competencies from the Integrated Technology II course and introduce students to relevant and modern technologies of App development, innovative creation of AR/VR products, as well as Digital Marketing concepts.  This project-based course will utilize Central Bucks Technology Standards, which builds upon the K-8 technology toolkit. This course will be the 9th grade elective course. Students will have the opportunity to work with the building and community to create projects relevant to the assessed needs. Students will receive instruction to meet technology proficiencies, independently apply skills, and illustrate understanding through project-based application.