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  • The CB Save The Music concert began as the brainchild of Mr. Glaser and Mr. C (the choir guy and the band guy at Holicong) - both of whom were looking for an opportunity to perform for their students. Once the idea started to take shape, they figured that attaching a worthwhile cause to the evening would draw more people to the show. With Mr. Sanchez (then the assistant choir director at Holicong) now on board, the three began to plan out the first ever "VH-1 Recital."  

    Those of you familiar with C, Glaser, and Sanchez will know that they never do anything "simply" or "easily," and this was the case here. Enlisting the help of many CB music teachers, musically inclined friends, and a full big band, the first show was a huge success. It was only after an e-mail from a parent suggesting that "recital" was too "boring" of a term for the show that we officially dubbed this event The VH-1 Save The Music Charity Concert.  Recently, "VH-1" was dropped from the name of the Save The Music Foundation, so we are now known as the "CB Save The Music" Concert.

    Over the years, the concert has continued to grow both in attendance and spectacle.  We have:

    • Added 2 other "partners in crime"
      • Mrs. Repper (the orchestra director at Holicong)
      • Miss Romig (Holicong Special Education teacher)
    • Expanded our audience to the point that each show is sold out
    • Added a second and eventually a THIRD performance
    • Added a full tech crew to work the ever-expanding sound rig, lighting rig, and special fx set-up
    • Increased the number of performers
    • Developed relationships with numerous donors, partners, and sponsors who are now part of the "CBSTM Support Dquad"

    Since its inception, the concert has donated over $400,000 to the Save The Music Foundation. That is something that we are incredibly proud of and something we look forward to continuing into the future...

    2024:  Elements of Music
    2023:  CBSTM20 (Our 20th Anniversary!!)
    2022 - Time Pieces
    2021 - Hopes and Dreams (Virtual Concert)
    2020 - #lisTEN: A Decade in Review
    2019 - London Calling
    2018 - Space Jams
    2017 - Dynamic Duos
    2016 - Music By Number
    2015 - Live In Living Color
    2014 - City of Brotherly Groove
    2013 - X = STM(10)

    2012 - Playin' With A Full Deck

    2011 - Icons

    2010 - The 2000's: A Decade in Review

    2009 - The 90's: Friday Night Live

    2008 - The 80's: The Baddest, Coolest, Hippest, Most Def, Raddest, Most Totally Tubular, Most Bodaciously Awesome, Freshest, Gnarliest Big 80's Concert

    2007 - Where in the World (a musical tribute to Geography)

    2006 - Desert Island Discs

    2005 - Piano Men

    2004 - Standing in the Shadows of Holicong: Music of Motown