• The first grade writing curriculum is intended to help students...
       ...feel valued as members of a writing community.
       ...view the world with a writer's eye, using their experiences and environment to gather ideas.
       ...thoughtfully consider a purpose for writing.
       ...develop stamina for writing.  This includes staying focused on the purpose of writing and revisiting a work in progress.
       ...engage in reading and listening to texts like a writer.  This includes noticing author's craft, genre, and form in writing.
       ...develop an awareness of writing for a reader and preparing a writing creation to be shared with the world.
    What types of writing do first graders do?
    Narrative, Opinion, Informative, Fiction, Poetry
    What is the daily routine for writing instruction?
    The first grade writing curriculum is organized around units of study to teach students as actual writers and to help them sharpen their vision of themselves as writers.  First grade students will engage in a daily writing block identified as Writing Workshop.  The Writing Workshop includes a mini-lesson, writing time (where students are fully engaged in composing, creating books/projects, and conffering with the teacher), and a sharing session.  Mini-lessons are organized into focus units of study throughout the year.  Through modeled/shared writing and the use of mentor texts, students will continue to develop their understanding of the basic conventions of written language.
    What are the new grammar skills first graders learn?
    -Capitalize dates and proper nouns
    -Identify and use singular, plural, common, and proper nouns
    -Use end punctuation
    -Use commas in dates
    -Use commas in words in a series
    -Spell words drawing on common spelling patterns, phonemic awareness, and spelling conventions
    -Use an apostrophe to make a contraction
    -Use singular, plural, common, proper, and possessive nouns
    -Write complete sentences