Middle School - Grades 7-9

  • The secondary language arts program in Central Bucks integrates reading, literature study, writing, speaking, and research skills at each grade level. Our program goal is to have students achieve high academic standards in the language arts: reading independently, reading critically, analyzing and responding to literature and nonfiction text, composing high-quality writing in various forms for a variety of audiences, speaking proficiently, and using research skills. Students read and respond to literature (classic as well as contemporary novels) in various discussion modes, through written response, and while analyzing the craft of literature. They write personal narratives, informative pieces, argument pieces, and creative stories, poems, or plays. They learn to respond to each other's writing and to revise and edit their own work during writing workshops. They learn research skills and present their findings in speeches, media presentations, and papers.

    In middle level, students engage in
    standard-based thematic units. Some students are identified for honors English each year. In grade 7, students have a double block of English Language Arts. In grades 8 and 9, a double block of reading and writing is also provided for students who need extra support to reach the standards.