Technology and Engineering Education

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    Technology and Engineering Education encompasses a dynamic field that equips students with essential skills and knowledge related to technology, engineering, and problem-solving.

    1. Curriculum Focus:

      • Technology Education: This area emphasizes understanding and using technology effectively. Students learn about various tools, processes, and systems, including digital technologies, manufacturing, and communication.
      • Engineering Education: It focuses on design, innovation, and problem-solving. Students engage in hands-on activities, explore engineering principles, and create solutions to real-world challenges.
    2. Goals and Objectives:

      • Foster critical thinking and creativity by encouraging students to design, build, and test prototypes.
      • Develop technological literacy, enabling students to make informed decisions about technology use.
      • Promote collaboration and communication skills through team-based projects.
      • Cultivate an understanding of ethicalsocial, and environmental implications of technology.
    3. Teaching Strategies:

      • Project-Based Learning: Students work on open-ended projects, applying engineering principles to solve problems.
      • Integration with STEAM: Technology and engineering education aligns with the arts, science, mathematics, and other STEM disciplines.
      • Hands-On Activities: Labs, workshops, and design challenges provide practical experiences.
      • Career Exploration: Students learn about diverse career paths in technology and engineering.

    Technology and Engineering Education empowers students to become informed, innovative, and responsible global citizens.

    *Please note that during the CB Realignment process the Tech. Eng. Ed. department will combine with QUEST to ensure a seamless K-12 STEAM curriculum experience.

    QUEST- Grades K-6

    Program of Studies  - Grades 9-12