• Material Processing 2


    This course provides greater opportunity for the application of the processes and skills introduced in the previous courses. More complex operations will be explored. Greater emphasis is placed on craftsmanship, problem solving, and independent class work. Students will engage in a variety of activities designed to help them become proficient in the set-up and operation of a variety of machines including computer controlled machines. Students will improve their skills operating traditional machines as they prepare materials for CNC machines, and produce jigs fixtures. Digital imaging and desktop publishing techniques are used as students maintain project portfolios. Students will be expected to achieve a high quality level of work.

    There is a lab fee that ranges from $10-$40, depending on the project(s) each student chooses to complete. Most independent projects require each student to bring in their own materials.  
    Current Class work:
    2014-2015 Fall Semester: 
    2014-2015 Spring Semester: