Elementary General Music 

    Students in grades one through six receive one forty-minute period of General Music instruction every week. Music class consists of a wide variety of interesting and challenging experiences that present music as a means of self-expression, enjoyment, and as an academic discipline. The voice is used as the primary means of expression. Music material is presented in a sequence that follows the child's natural ability at various stages of growth. Concepts, skills and activities are divided into musical expression, rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, and musical form. The continuing refinement of musical concepts and skills through singing and performing are an important goal of the elementary program. Students learn about American and European composers and their music; the development of blues, ragtime, jazz, swing and rock; the instruments of the band and orchestra; and have opportunities to play classroom percussion instruments. The elementary staff utilizes updated music textbooks and a variety of technologies in the music classroom to reinforce musical concepts and provide musical enrichment activities.

    General Music Teachers 
    Michael Gruver: Cold Spring, District Music Curriculum Coordinator
    Harry Bower: Jamison 
    Aric Branchfield: Barclay 
    Kirby Vuocolo: Doyle
    Linsey Griffin: Butler
    Jillian Simpkins: Bridge Valley
    Amanda Kelly: Warwick, Jamison
    Karen Mudry: Mill Creek
    Christina Quinn: Pine Run, Titus
    Andrea Raynor: Barclay, Titus
    Steve Reilley: Groveland
    Christine Volpe: Gayman, Linden
    William Weir: Buckingham, Kutz
    Elementary Instrumental Music 

    Grade 4 Strings Instruction
    Fourth graders are invited to participate in the Elementary Strings program. Classes meet for one thirty-minute large-class instructional class each week, during lunch recess time or before or after school. This program is recommended for students interested in studying violin, viola or cello. Because of the large number of students participating in this program, classes may be taught by either strings teachers or other qualified instrumental music teachers. Scheduling of classes is based on availability within the instrumental teachers' schedules. Knowing how to read music is not a prerequisite for entrance into this program. During the first year, students are introduced to basic string instrument playing skills. Students will participate in various performance opportunities during the school year. 
    Please note: Students may also choose to wait until fifth grade to begin string instruction. Students who are primarily interested in learning a band instrument are encouraged to wait until fifth grade, and then enroll in the band program.

    Grade 5 and 6 Instrumental Instruction

    Fifth and sixth graders are invited to participate in the Elementary Instrumental program. Instructional classes meet for thirty minutes once a week and are scheduled during the school day. Students may choose to play a woodwind, brass, percussion or string instrument. Knowing how to read music is not a prerequisite for entrance into this program. Participants perform in a large band or orchestra ensemble as a culminating experience in the spring. Large group rehearsals are scheduled before school. The goals of the program are:

    • to develop comprehension and interpretation of the elements of music as applied to the student’s particular instrument.
    • to enhance musical skills and creativity through performance, individual home practice and group instruction.
    • to optimize the student’s problem-solving skills through the critical listening of their own playing, especially in terms of rhythmic accuracy and intonation.
    • to encourage collaborative workers who can demonstrate cooperation and leadership within their groups.
    • to prepare for successful participation in the middle school music program.
    Band Teachers 
    Mark Appiotti: Cold Spring, Groveland, Kutz
    Harry Bower: Jamison, Pine Run
    Aric Branchfield: Buckingham, Linden, Titus
    Paul Losch: Doyle, Gayman, Mill Creek, Warwick
    Michael Robinson: Barclay, Bridge Valley, Butler, Pine Run
    Orchestra Teachers 
    Sharon Gulla: Groveland, Gayman, Cold Spring, Pine Run
    Donna Hartzell: Mill Creek, Butler, Jamison
    Lauren Herrschaft: Bridge Valley, Doyle, Kutz, Warwick
    Patrick Nugent: Linden, Titus
    Kirby Vuocolo: Barclay, Buckingham