Reading Tips

  • The more students read, the better they read.
    Help your child be successful by encouraging and supporting reading this summer.

    • Let your child select what books he/she wants to read.

    • Browse the public library collection for a wide selection of books. Ask the Library Staff for help in finding fun books to read.

    • Make reading fun! Read to and with your child. Discuss books as you share thReading with a flashlight image em.

    • Reading is reading! Magazines, newspapers, comics, and books all provide fun reading opportunities.

    • Encourage youngsters to try a new literary genre or subject. Try nonfiction as well as fiction. Share some funny poems, a mystery or historical fiction. Check out a book of science experiments or art projects.

    • Encourage your child to read at least 15 minutes each day.

    • Set reading goals. Very young readers are able to read or share a new book each day.

    • Make opportunities to extend learning beyond books.

    • Read an insect book and visit your own backyard or a local park.

    You are your child's most important teacher!

    Spend time talking with your child every day, as this builds upon your child’s language, vocabulary and comprehension. Read a book and talk about the story. Watch a movie and discuss the characters. Plan how the story could have ended differently. Most of all, have fun. Enjoy the time you have with your child.