Theda Jordan, Lenape Middle School

Theda Jordan Theda Jordan is a personal care assistant at Lenape Middle School. She is new to the district, having started her service in Central Bucks School District in 2019. Ms. Jordan also serves the students of Lenape as a field hockey coach in the fall and assistant track and field coach this spring.

Ms. Jordan’s work is focused entirely on compassionate care for others. She had only worked for the district for a short time when the pandemic took her away from her students, but she offered her assistance to any Lenape teacher who could use help. Now back with her students in-person, she has returned to doing what she loves – making a positive impact, “I really love to interact with the students, and to be a good support system for them and make them laugh,” she explained, “It feels really good when they come back to tell me how much I helped them.”

Prior to working for Central Bucks, Ms. Jordan worked as a human resources manager and a personal caregiver. “I cared for a young boy with terminal cancer – I’m so happy he’s doing great now and will soon be starting kindergarten!”

Theda Jordan has a passion for caring for others, and considers it a gift, “I have the time, so why not spend it caring for people and helping people?” she said. She has cared for two family members whom she moved into her home, including her 87 year old father and a 101 year old cousin. “It’s challenging, but I have no regrets, it’s taught me a lot.”

She credits the work in teaching her to be humble, patient, and to realize that there is more to life that work and worry, “It’s the little things,” she said, “Just to give someone your time and attention, it goes a long way.”

“Be present for that person, make sure that they feel heard,” Ms. Jordan said, “When you are caring for someone with cancer, you have to remember, they don’t need you to feel sorry for them, they’re trying to live, and they need you to help them do that.”

Her empathy and kindness have brought her to her work with children at Lenape. “I really enjoy working with children – if I can make a difference in their life and be a part of it, that’s how I want to spend the rest of my years working.”

When she isn’t caring for others, Ms. Jordan loves to work outdoors in her yard, travel with her husband, and visit with family and friends, especially her grandchildren.

#CBSDPROUD of Theda Jordan, and all that she brings to her work in Central Bucks!