David Riley, Titus Elementary School

david riley David Riley, who serves as facilities specialist at Titus Elementary School, is proud of the work he does for his school, "I love to come to work every day and not everyone can say that."

"When you walk up and down your hallways and it looks good, that's something to be proud of...it's very rewarding," he said. When everything looks the way it should, he credits the cooperation of his team, too. "I have a great crew working behind me, my evening custodians, everyone!"

Rewarding is the way Mr. Riley described his nearly 18 years of service to Central Bucks more than once. After serving as a "floating" custodian for a time, he worked for CBSD at Tohickon Middle School, a point of pride. "I was the first custodian ever at Tohickon where I was until 2005 when I moved to Titus."

"He is always willing to do whatever it takes, always asking how he can help," said Titus Principal Bridget Pustay, who also worked with Mr. Riley at Tohickon where she was a classroom teacher, "We've come full circle; I'm so glad to have the privilege of working with him again!"

Mr. Riley describes Titus as a community where everyone is working as a team, focused on the kids. "There are educators here who do an amazing job and I can't do that - but I know what I do, and if I can give the kids a nice, clean place to learn, I'm happy," he said, "I try to be professional and contribute all that I can."

Recently, Mr. Riley was honored for excellence as the recipient of an "Apple Award" in recognition of his willingness to do "Whatever it david riley Takes," an embodiment of the district's focus on helping every student be successful, every day. "I enjoy working with the students whenever I can," he said, "I love walking in and seeing their happy faces."

One such opportunity is Titus' "A Team," a group of sixth grade students who help him reassemble the cafeteria after assemblies. "They're great, together we put everything back together in five minutes!"

For Mr. Riley, giving of himself and making contributions that make an impact is one of the things that brings him the most joy in his work. He even built a "Minecraft" Titus after hearing so much about it from students and his young nephew! "It's not done yet, but I was invited to open it up in the Quest class and having the kids look through it was really cool."

David Riley is dedicated to excellence and knows the value of a job well done, but it is likely that what others notice most of all is that he cares. "A few years back I saw a student in the hall crying. He was having a tough time and I just told him that I thought he was perfect just the way he was, and don't ever let anyone tell you different."

Mr. Riley saw that student again when the seniors came back to Titus for their graduation walk. "He remembered me and we caught up a little," he said, "We took a picture together with him in his cap and gown...and that was really special."

CBSD Proud of you, Mr. Riley - and all that you do for Central Bucks, every day.