Parent Information

    Office 365 is an online Microsoft product, which will improve communication and collaboration by providing students with document sharing and personal cloud storage.  The accounts are free to CBSD students and will be available both at school and at home.  This tool will allow students to communicate among themselves and with teachers about classwork, homework and school related activities.

    Office 365 will be introduced at school, but we feel that a strong partnership with families is essential to a successful experience. You may be aware that your child already has a CB issued log-in and password.  Student log-ins are in the format of last name.first initial and the last three digits of their student ID.

    Sample:  jaffe.j123@student.cbsd.org.

    The following is a brief preview of the on-line tools your child will have access to this school year.

    Logging-In: Visit https://www.cbsd.org/365 for log-in information.  This page will be updated with current changes as well as directions for logging in on various browsers.



    • Students can send and receive email to any other CBSD account.
    • They can send and receive attachments and easily find teachers and students from CBSD in the global address book.
    • Students cannot email outside of the CBSD network.
    • Students should use email for school related content only.
    • Email can be placed on student phones with parental consent.
    • Directions on how to set-up phones as well as use Office 365 can be found here: https://www.cbsd.org/365

    Online Document Sharing: View, edit, and share Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint.  If students do not have Office at home, the Web App allows them to be a part of the process whether they are on a Mac, PC or mobile device. Students can work in groups, with partners and with teachers to create documents

    OneDrive: This is a personal library intended for storing and organizing documents. Students can access this drive from home and school at https://www.cbsd.org/365. Each user will have 1 TB of “cloud” storage space.  Students can easily share a file from the OneDrive with classmates or teachers.  Items placed on the OneDrive should relate to classwork.  The OneDrive should not contain personal images, games or files that do not directly relate to school.

    Office 365 is a teaching and learning tool that is used from K through 12th grade.  As the students enter 5th grade they will continue to use Office 365 with the addition of Microsoft’s Outlook which will give then the ability to communicate with teachers and classmates via email (email is not active for our K-4 grade students). 

     OneDrive Logo
    The primary use of Office 365 is for educational purposes and school-related activities. Students must adhere to district and school expectations.  Students are prohibited from using inappropriate language or uploading inappropriate content.  These expectations will be reviewed with students by staff when they are introduced to Office 365.  We ask that parents provide direction at home as well.

    As students become more comfortable with the programs provided by Office 365, we expect them to utilize it in a variety of ways that will enhance their educational experience.  Thank you for your support!


    Free Software Download for Students:

    Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is now available for FREE to Central Bucks students in grades K-12th with an Office 365 account!  This software may be installed on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.  For additional information, please visit the FAQ page at: https://www.cbsd.org/OfficeProPlus. 

    To access the free program:

    • Access the 365 Login page at https://www.cbsd.org/365

    • Type in your child’s username and password from the front of this sheet. It is the same login that they use at school each day.

    To print a copy of the information on this page, use the links below:

    Parent Info - Word Document

    Parent Info - PDF