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    The library curriculum in the Central Bucks School District is designed to provide today’s information age students with the tools they need to become
    Stack of Books self-guided, lifelong learners. By taking part in this course of instruction, students will become effective users of information in a variety of formats, including traditional and emerging technologies. Students will gain 2lst century skills as they investigate the world around them through print and online resources, engaging in project-based learning in the areas of information retrieval, information management and literature appreciation. They will become critical thinkers in an information rich society and will experience and respond to quality literature. Central to the curriculum is the integration of skills instruction with subject area curricula. It is vital that students master information literacy skills such as the ability to retrieve, organize, analyze, interpret, evaluate, synthesize and present information. These skills acquire value in context. As library instruction is correlated with classroom learning, students have the opportunity to apply information literacy skills to reinforce and extend their understanding of grade level/subject area curricula. Students will also have opportunities to learn in different ways using varied resources and strategies, targeted to individual learning styles and abilities.
    Classroom teachers and school librarians collaborate to provide these educational opportunities, enabling students to achieve information literacy skills and develop a lifelong interest in learning.

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    Technology in the Library

    All district libraries are fully networked and provide filtered Internet access to a wealth of information, including subscription databases and encyclopedias. Each of the fifteen elementary school libraries contains a lab for technology instruction and access to educational software. Secondary libraries are also well-equipped with computers and other multimedia equipment to support the technological needs and education of our students.