• What is the plan for the first year of CB Cyber?

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    - All courses will be asynchronous. Teachers will run office hours, facilitate small group instruction, and provide individual support.  

    - Courses will be offered during first and fourth block. Students will have a traditional schedule during Block 2-3

    - A cyber course will only run if the enrollment is sufficient.

    - Coursework can be completed at any time of the day. Students will elect to work at school or at home with late arrival or early release. (Note: Transportation will need to be provided if students elect to work at home).


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  • How does CB Cyber differ from a cyber charter school?

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    - CB Cyber is a program available for CB high school students that started in the 2022-23 school year. 

    - CB Cyber will use CB Curriculum and CB Teachers.  

    - In the 2023-24 school year, high school students will have the option to take 1 asynchronous course per semester/marking period. Students will take traditional in-person classes for the remainder of their schedule.  

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  • What are the advantages of taking a cyber course?

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    - Flexibility of Time: Students can complete coursework at any time of the day. Some students work best early in the morning; others work best late at night. The flexibility of an asynchronous course affords students the opportunity to complete their coursework when they are at their best.

    - Social and Emotional Wellness: Asynchronous courses allow students to elect late arrival. 

    - College Prep: Completing a cyber course in high school will help prepare students for online courses in college while taking advantage of the existing support structures (parents, guidance counselors, etc) to help navigate any potential roadblocks.  

    - Career Readiness: Remote work statistics tell us that across the world around 18% of people work remotely full-time.  

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  • What courses are available in the 2023-24 school year?

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    0100C English 11 - Honors

    0120C English 11

    0603C Sports Literature

    0665C Creative Writing

    0673C Intro to Film Studies

    1012C AGES - Honors

    1022C AGES

    1201C AP Microeconomics

    1202C AP Macroeconomics

    1220C Glob Relations

    2110C Precalc/Trig

    2111C Precalc/Trig - Honors

    2520C Algebra 2/Trig

    3130C Anatomy/Physiology

    3643C Oceanography

    4205C French 5

    4513C Spanish 3 - Honors

    6162C Adult Living

    6560C Expl Eng and Arch

    8562C Computer Graphics

    8564C Digital Imaging

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  • Where will students who choose this option work?

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    Students would select a location. If they choose to stay at home, they would be responsible for their own transportation. Students who elect to stay at school, would either work in the school's designated location (i.e. the library). Teachers would be available for office hours, small group meetings, and personalized instruction.

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  • What are the class sizes?

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    Class sizes for cyber courses will be the same as students are used to in their traditional courses.  

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  • Who are the teachers?

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    Cyber courses will be taught by experienced CB teachers.  In the 2023-24 school year, teachers will teach one cyber course and the remainder of their schedule will be filled with traditional courses. Cyber teachers went through a selection and interview process; they were provided professional development to help prepare for the cyber classroom.

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  • What is the process for registering for a cyber course?

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    - Students should register for cyber courses during program planning.  

    - The CB Administration will evaluate the enrollment for each cyber course to determine whether it will run or not.

    - Students will be informed in the spring if the cyber course will run.

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