Annually, the Central Bucks School District conducted tests in each of our schools to determine the level of lead in the consumptive water sources. This testing was completed in accordance with Pennsylvania School Code and amendments made to Act 39, which permits school districts in the state of Pennsylvania to test drinking water for lead. Utilizing the services of Langan Engineering, consumptive and non-consumptive water sources were evaluated this year.

    Langan Engineering issued reports (download a PDF of test results, by school, at right) identifying 30 of the 1,054 tested water sources as containing levels of lead that exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. These sites, none of which are water fountains, are spread among the following schools: Bridge Valley Elementary, Buckingham Elementary, Doyle Elementary, Gayman Elementary, Kutz Elementary, Linden Elementary, Pine Run Elementary, Lenape Middle School, CB East, and CB West. 

    To address the findings in the report, our Facilities and Energy Management Operations Department immediately began remediation of impacted water sources. Follow up testing of any locations identified as having levels that exceed EPA standards has been completed, results of this testing is posted at right. Any locations that continue to need attention to address lead levels will be decommissioned until fixtures can be replaced.