• Operation Eternal Gratitude



    Any donations to our troops will be greatly appreciated.  Some of the items that the service members most enjoy are coffee, chapstick, foot powder, boot socks, and candy/chocolate.  Although the chocolate might melt, they will still lick all of it off the wrapper!  The most requested item are baby wipes.  These can be used for many things including a shower or to clean their weapon. 


    Some items that cannot be sent over are bags of chips or liquid drinks because they can easily open, and aerosol cans.   These items can really ruin a box. 


    See the video below from a group who received our packages a few years ago.  This might put things in perspective.


    Cool video about what can happen with our boxes.


    Below is the full list of items that have been requested by service members throughout the years.


    South OEG Items List


    If you have any questions about what can go into a box, feel free to contact Frank Woodring at fwoodring@cbsd.org