• Welcome to the CB South World Languages Department!


    CB South World Languages Department


    (Pictured from left to right)

    Stacy Gray: Spanish Teacher and World Languages and ELD District Curriculum Coordinator  

    Ann Richardson: Spanish Teacher

    Dr. Patrick Lake: Latin Teacher

    Tara Hoffman: Spanish Teacher and CB South World Languages Department Coordinator  

    Matthew Palmer: Spanish Teacher    

    Andrea Merchant: French Teacher

    Julie Boyce: Spanish Teacher  

    Wei- Hua Shao: Chinese Teacher  





    Congratulations to all of the new inductees to the Spanish, French, Chinese, and Latin Honor Societies!!





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    The teachers of the Central Bucks World Languages department believe that all students have the ability and should have the opportunity to study a world language. We believe this experience will enhance the students’ perceptions of the world and they will become more productive members of an increasingly global society. In the classroom, we strive to simulate authentic experiences, compare and contrast other languages and cultures, promote tolerance, and make connections with other disciplines. Finally, we seek to inspire students to extend the classroom experience beyond high school.