• Buckingham Science Fair 2019
    Rules and Regulations
    1.  Projects may be submitted by individuals, groups of two, or as a class.  Project application forms must be signed and returned by January 10, 2019.
    2.  The projects should not be larger than 3 feet by 3 feet.  They may be display boards (recommended), posters, graphs, models, dioramas, or experiments.
    3.   Students should construct their projects so that wall space is not necessary; use self-supporting boards or some kind.  Tri-fold poster boards are recommended.  
    4.  Limited electrical use is available and no open containers of liquids or corrosive materials may be brought into the gym.   
    5.  No running water is available.  
    6.  All project work must be done by students (parental guidance and support are encouraged).  
    7.  A scientific method format or KWL format must accompany each project.  Examples can be found on the Science Fair Resources Page. The appropriate format depends on grade level and the classroom teacher's instructions.  
    8.  No animals.  
    9.  Molds and liquids must be securely covered at all times.  
    10. Push buttons or levers (if used) must be mounted securely on exhibits; they cannot be attached to the tables or walls.
    11. Materials and construction must be durable.  All power-driven movable parts must be firmly attached and enclosed in suitable barriers to prevent accidents.  
    12. All exhibits where batteries are used should have enough batteries on hand to ensure continued operation.  
    13. Any project or project part that may pose a danger will not be allowed into the gym.  
    14. There may not be any open flame, torch, or burner in the display area.   
    15. Projects may not be taken on the school bus.
    16. Projects must be labeled with NAME, TEACHER, and GRADE using the label form found HERE.   
    17. All projects must be removed from the gym immediately following the school day on January 29, 2019.  Parents will need to pick up the projects, unless the teacher prefers they stay in school.   Any projects not picked up from the gym will be taken to the student's classroom and/or discarded the following week.   
    18. There will be no judging of projects.  Each individual/combined student participant will receive a certificate and a chance to win tickets to a science museum.  Each class participant will receive one class certificate.  
     If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Radcliff at 267-893-4200 (Ext.1194) (jradcliff@cbsd.org).