• Homeroom Coordinator (HRC) Responsibilities

    If you are interested in becoming a Homeroom Coordinator (HRC) for the following school year, please fill out the following form and email it to the PTO Secretary.  HRC Request Form


    HRC Responsibilities:

    Your primary role as Home Room Coordinator is to serve as a liaison between teachers, families and the PTO board.  Specific responsibilities will include:

    1.  Welcome new parents in your classroom to the school.  Offer assistance and direction on school issues. Remind them of the PTO sponsored Ice Cream Social.

    2.  Collect class funds to be used for classroom expenses and teacher gifts.

    3.  Provide “Shelter-in-Place” kit in classroom to be used for emergency purposes.  The kit includes a water bottle and a dry, healthy snack for each child. Have at school by the end of September. (Please be mindful of food allergies).

    4.  Plan classroom parties (Halloween, Holiday, End-of-Year).  Coordinate 3-4 parent helpers (in addition to the HRC), food/drinks, plan entertainment (games/crafts) and purchase necessary supplies/paper products for each party.

    5.  Solicit parent volunteers when needed in the classroom for assistance with various programs (reading, science, and math).  Discuss these events with your teacher when you meet at the beginning of the school year.

    6.  Organize parent volunteers to staff class booth at the Fall Fest.

    7.  Take pictures at classroom parties, school events and field trips and provide to Yearbook Committee.  Create a classroom photo collage for the Yearbook.

    8.  Help promote school-sponsored events by distributing emails to your class as requested by the PTO Secretary.

    9.  Periodically check with teacher on any class updates, new students, special programs, class supply needs, etc.

    10. Purchase modest holiday, birthday, teacher appreciation and end-of-year gifts for teacher using class funds. Use the teacher profile for ideas on what your teacher likes.  See cost estimates for details. 

    11. Kindergarten only – help coordinate additional kindergarten specific events (Valentine’s Day, Leprechaun Hunt, Beach Day, etc).  See teacher for more details.

    12. Fifth grade only – help with the Sixth grade Promotion event in June.

    13. Sixth grade only – plan an evening Halloween party, 6th grade end of year party, 6th grade breakfast and produce a video to be shared at the Promotion event in June.