• Welcome to the Sixth Grade! 

    Students should be prepared for an exciting, yet challenging, last year at Buckingham Elementary! Below are the highlights of our academic year:

    ·         Reading and English Language Arts

    • Increased focus on nonfiction and novels
    • Application of reading strategies
    • Integrating the writing process, research, and grammar
    •  Pre-Algebra concepts at all academic levels

    ·         Science

    • Focus on the Scientific Method
    • Learning about the human body, earth's changing surface, and pollution

    ·         Social Studies

    • History of Ancient Civilizations

    In addition to the above, students will participate in a multi-day project, also known as the Sixth Grade Assessment. This Assessment, which takes place in the second semester, is a cumulative project that encompasses all skills learned in elementary school.

    Sixth grade students are Mighty Knight role models for the entire school, especially the Kindergarten students in our hallway.