• First Grade Overview

    Welcome to first grade. This year is sure to be a very exciting time in your child’s life. We are looking forward to working with your child and assisting in their growth and progress.


    I.                   Language Arts

    A.    Reading – Good Habits, Great Readers; Words Their Way

    B.     Guided Reading

    C.     Phonics

    D.    Supplemental Reading

    E.     Writing Portfolios, Speaking, Listening, Thinking, Research, and Study Skills with the Being A Writer Program

    F.      Spelling – Words Their Way


    II.                Math – Everyday Mathematics

    A.    Numeration and Order

    B.     Operations

    C.     Exploring Data

    D.    Geometry and Spatial Sense

    E.     Measures and Measurement

    F.      Reference Frames

    G.    Patterns, Functions, and Sequences

    H.    Algebra and Uses of Variables


    III.             Social Studies

    A.    Our School Community

    B.     Families

    C.     Families Around the World

                                                                  i.      China

                                                                ii.      Mexico

    D.    Families – Past, Present, and Future

    E.     Famous Americans


    IV.             Science/Health

    A.    Collecting and Examining Life

    B.     Weather

    C.     Solids, Liquids, and Gases


    V.                Special Classes

    A.    Music – 40 minutes/week

    B.     Physical Education – 40 minutes/week

    C.     Library – 40 minutes/week

    D.    Art – 40 minutes/week

    E.     Computer – 40 minutes/week