• Fourth Grade Highlights


    Welcome to fourth grade at Buckingham! We are so excited to have you join us for another amazing year full of new learning and challenges. Here are some of the things you can look forward to experiencing. 



    ·        A Green Future – In this unit, we will read selections focusing on how kids can make a difference in the future of our planet.

    ·        Life Stories – This unit focuses on who we are as individuals, identifying our culture and heritage and how we all come together to form diverse communities.

    ·        Nature’s Neighborhoods – Ecosystems and how living things are connected is the main focus of the selections in this unit.

    ·        Achieving Dreams – Students learn to set goals and maintain resiliency in the face of obstacles. 

    ·        Strengthening reading skills and strategies while working with a balance of fiction and informational texts



    ·        Narrative

    ·        Informative / Expository

    ·        Opinion

    ·        Poetry

    ·        Research

    ·        Fiction



    ·        Problem Solving – Instruction will highlight effective selection of problem solving strategies and developing written communication of student thought process.

    ·        Numbers and Operations – A major emphasis for us will be multi-digit multiplication and division. 

    ·        Measurement – Students will practice calculating perimeter, area, volume, and conversions.

    ·        Geometry – Using a shape’s characteristics, students will identify and classify 2 and 3-dimensional figures.

    ·        Algebraic Concepts – The focus is to build connections between algebraic functions and the real world.

    ·        Data Analysis and Probability – Data is collected, organized, and displayed for analysis. Probability is used to make informed predictions and inferences.


    Social Studies

    ·        Throughout the different units, students will explore and experience points of interest across the fifty states.



    ·        Electricity – Students build and experiment with electrical circuits. 

    ·        Matter – Properties of solids, liquids, and gasses are discovered through hands-on activities and explorations. 

    ·        Watery Earth – Understanding the phases of The Water Cycle, water conservation, and household water systems play a major role in this unit.