• There are a variety of ways we can collaborate!  I am happy to work with you in any way you prefer.


    Observe  Lessons
    I am often asked to come into a  classroom to observe the teaching and learning that occurs during a given  time.This non-evaluative observation allows me to  highlight successful implementations as well as give suggestions as how to  maximize teacher talent and ability as well as student learning.Post-observation conversations are essential to further collaborate,  share strategies/resources and set goals.
    In all subject areas, we can  co-plan lessons and deliver them together in an effective co-teaching  model.What we can learn from one another cannot be  underestimated!
    Teach a Model  Lesson
    Some teachers are more confident  and comfortable teaching certain content areas than others.Therefore, I am often asked to come into classrooms to teach a lesson in  one of those subjects that teachers would like to amass more strategies and  confidence.Follow-up conversations allow us to debrief the lesson  and highlight methods and strategies.
    Observe a Model Lesson
     Some teachers find their niche with certain subject areas and are masterful at planning and delivering these lessons.  Together, we can visit these classrooms to co-observe a model lesson.  Time will be spent prior to the observation to discuss "look-fors," and we will also follow-up afterwards to consider future implementations in your classroom. 
    Informal  Conversations
    These conversations can be with  individuals, grade levels, or interest groups.Oftentimes we  discuss new ideas/strategies/implementations or ways to proactively manage  classroom challenges.