• Make up the class within 1 WEEK
      • Make-up needs to be a MINIMUM of 30 minutes
      • Send your teacher an email with the information that pertains to your workout

    Examples of PE make-ups:

      • Screenshot of your workout data on an app including information such as time, distance, steps, etc.
      • A YouTube link with an explanation of the workout, why you chose the workout, and what you liked or disliked about the workout
      • If you participate in an after-school sport/play club/play intramurals/dance/etc.  Send me the details regarding your game, practice, meet, etc. 
      • If you went to the gym, send me the details including date and time of workout, as well as what you did during your workout including exercises, sets, reps, etc.



    ****If extenuating circumstances or serious illness, you must reach out to your teacher for a resolution****