• From Science to Parenting: Evidence-Based Strategies to Help Tame Your Child’s Anxiety
    Wednesday, November 18 @ 7:00 p.m.
    Lenape Middle School

    Featuring: Dr. Katherine Dahlsgaard; Lead psychologist of the Anxiety Behaviors Clinic at CHOP

    What can we do as parents when our child is stressed about nightly homework, a test, or the big game? Learn practical tips that will help your child navigate these common events in school. This session will also focus on strategies that can help when your child begins to use refusal behaviors to avoid these anxious situations. Appropriate for parents of elementary, middle, and high school aged children






    Your Anxious Child: How Parents
    and Teachers Can Relieve Anxiety in Children
    By: John Dacey, Lisa Fiore
    What to Do When You Worry Too Much:
    A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety
    (What to Do Guides for Kids)
    By Dawn Huebner

    Sitting still like a frog: Mindfulness exercises
    for kids (and their parents).
    Eline Snel

    Ready, set, relax: Research-based program
    of relaxation, learning, and self-esteem for children.

    By Jeffery Allen & Roger Klein

    Mindfulness for teen anxiety: A workbook
    for overcoming anxiety at home, at school,
    and everywhere else.
    Christopher Willard

    Worried no more: Help and hope for
    anxious children.
    Aureen Pinto Wagner

    Freeing your child from anxiety.
    Tamar Chansky

    The anxiety cure for kids: A guide for parents.
    Elizabeth DuPont Spencer,
    Robert DuPont, & Caroline DuPont

    Relaxation and stress reduction workbook.
    Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman,
    & Matthew McKa

    Anxiety and phobia workbook.
    Edmund Bour