• Welcome to the Sixth Grade! Sixth grade is always a memorable year for students as they become the leaders of the school. It is a pleasure to see students “come into their own” and learn more about themselves as individuals and lifelong learners.  We love teaching sixth grade and have great things planned for the students!


    In Language Arts, we prepare our students to be more effective readers and writers as they’ll be exposed to as variety of genres. Students will have ample opportunities to read and discuss novels, as well as non-fiction pieces tied to the curriculum. In addition, students will participate in a multi-day project, also known as the Sixth Grade Assessment. This Assessment, which takes place in January, February, or March, is a cumulative project that encompasses all skills learned in elementary school.


    Our Math curriculum challenges our students to go beyond basic skills and apply these skills to higher order problem solving activities. Students will have opportunities to debate, discuss and explain mathematical reasoning and work in small cooperative groups.  Everyday Math concepts include operations with whole numbers, computation with fractions and decimals, proportions, variable expressions, equations, inequalities, probability, and geometry, and formulas. The Pre-Algebra curriculum provides students with an opportunity to be challenged appropriately in regards to both content and pace. The major topics studied include: integers, equations, ratios, proportions, percents, geometry, statistics, probability, and applications.

    Social Studies focuses on ancient civilizations.  Students will learn about hominids and the development of communities into Mesopotamian Kingdoms. The study of Ancient Egypt, China, and India will help students observe commonalities between civilizations, as well as their technology and achievements.

    Science allows students to learn more about themselves and the world they live in.  The Human Body unit allows students to learn about the body systems and how they work together.  The Earth’s Changing Surface gives students the opportunity to make observations about the world they live in and explore why things are the way they are today.  In the Water Pollution Unit, students learn more about how humans and the environment interact and how to protect and conserve resources.

    Sixth grade is an exciting time socially as well, with regular grade level activities.  Students will attend the Ropes Course Field Trip in the fall to build self-confidence, problem solving skills, and relationships with others.  The Home and School organizes events such as the Halloween Howl, Survivor Night, Ice Skating and more. 

    Sixth grade is an exciting time as students emerge as “middle schoolers” with unique social, emotional, and academic characteristics. We look forward to working together to prepare for the transition to middle school!


    The Sixth Grade Team

    "Reach for the Moon...stars

    even if you miss, 

    you'll land among the STARS!"