• Back to School

    Dear Parents,


    The items listed below supplement the supplies provided by the school and will help your child be prepared for the many tasks and assignments in the year ahead. While there may be additional items that individual teachers may request for special classroom projects, the Grade 6 team believes that this list will give you a head start on your Back-to-School shopping.



       Binder Organization:

    ·         1 Three-ring binder (3 inch size)

    ·         1 package of tab dividers with pockets for ring binder (at least 6 tabs)

    ·         2 packages of 3-hole, lined notebook paper. It may be beneficial to buy the reinforced paper OR reinforcing stickers


    Pre-Algebra students will need 1 extra package of tab dividers (6 tabs, no pockets needed) for notebook organization


    General Supplies

      • 2 composition books (Wide rule, 100 sheets, 9.75” x 7.5”)
      • 2 folders with 3 prong clasp
      • 2 or 3 glue sticks
      • 1 pack of 5x8 ruled (lined) index cards
      • 1 dry-erase marker and eraser (or sock)
      • Post-it Notes (3x3 size; 4 packs of 100)
      • 1 pack of multi-colored highlighters
      • 1 pack of pencils
      • 3 red pens
      • 1 box of colored pencils or crayons
      • USB Flash/Thumb Drive at least 1GB memory
      • 1 family-size box of tissues
      • 1 family-size package of antibacterial disinfect wipes (optional)


    Please label all supplies with your child's name/initials and room number.