• School House

    Welcome to Fourth Grade!   Get ready for a fun and exciting year!

    Math: Students will continue practicing their math facts and apply their knowledge when learning multi-digit multiplication and division.  Geometry, problem solving, number patterns, and place value are just some of the topics that will be explored. 

    Reading:  Students are now reading to learn.  They will apply their reading strategies to comprehend and analyze both fiction and non-fiction text.  Responding to reading by stopping and jotting down their thinking, making inferences, predictions, connections, and creating questions will help students to dig deeper into the text.  Comprehension Toolkit, Lead 21, Read Aloud, and Literature Circles are all part of our reading program.

    Writing:  Our fourth grade students will be writing personal narratives, opinion and functional pieces, poetry, and information paragraphs.  Most of their writing will be focused on information writing and creating five paragraph essays using information they have researched.

    Science: Our science units include electricity, matter, and watery earth.  Hands-On experiments, the scientific method, and working cooperatively with their peers is emphasized during science instruction.

    Social Studies: Pennsylvania here we come!  This year we will study our state, learning about our symbols, government, cities, geography, and forefathers.  Additionally we will study the five regions of the United States.

    We also can’t forget our football and kickball games that Mr. Tonik presides over during recess. 

    Fourth Grade is FANTASTIC!  We all look forward to a wonderful year  where we see our students grow not just academically but encompass the Mill Creek spirit of Respect, Responsibility, and Honor.


    The Fourth Grade Team