• Welcome to Second Grade!

    Are you ready to have a fantastic year? In second grade, we explore many exciting topics and grow together as readers, writers and mathematicians. Here are some of the topics we will learn about this year:


    Reading:  We will learn this year that reading is thinking! We will tackle many exciting lessons together in word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. We will learn how to interact with nonfiction and fiction texts and to analyze what we are reading in a deeper way. We will also practice how to write about what we are reading.

    Writing:  You will learn how to be a fabulous writer this year! We have narrative, opinion, informative, fiction and poetry units this year. You will grow as a writer by developing your writing stamina and selecting your own ideas to write about. You will also learn grammar skills such as writing complete sentences and paragraphs, editing for conventions errors, and learning all about nouns, verbs and adjectives.

    Mathematics:  Get ready to become a second grade mathematician! We will learn to make change, tell time to the nearest 5 minutes, addition and subtraction facts (including cool tricks to do them mentally!), fractions, geometric shapes, and even what multiplication and division are all about.

    Science:  Science is a very hands-on part of our day! You will conduct many experiments and learn by doing. You will get to explore rocks and minerals, learn all about sound, and even find out all about habitats. Some of our favorite lessons include learning rock properties, “acting out” the parts of the ear, and dissecting owl pellets to learn what this animal eats every day. You will also make scientific observations, drawings and write about what you see.

    Social Studies:  We will learn all our communities this year! Get excited for lots of lessons about where you live, what makes a community and how people work together to live, work, play and solve problems. We will also explore goods and services, geography, and Native American cultures.

    Technology:  Get ready to be a technology expert! You will practice using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and typing your writing in computer lab. As well, you will learn how to be an iPad expert! We will use our classroom iPads in so many ways. We will do group projects in science and social studies, you can practice your math facts, and even record your oral reading fluency (to name a few).


    We are excited to learn and grow together this year!