• Mill Creek Home & School Association

    What is the Home and School Association?


    Our official bylaws state our purpose as threefold; to enrich the education of the children of Mill Creek Elementary School, to promote cooperation between parents, children, teachers and the community and to develop a channel of communication between home and school.

    The Home and School Association organizes and hosts many family activities throughout the year, such as Family Fun Nights, two Scholastic Book Fairs per year, Magic Moments, and the Spring Fair. We also operate a school store, where students can purchase school supplies, and we sponsor the Mill Creek Café, which rewards classes showing exemplary lunchroom behavior with a special lunch with the principal. We provide communication to keep people informed of Home and School happenings, a school directory, a our yearbook.

    Who is a member of the HSA?

    Just by having a student attend Mill Creek, you are automatically a member of our HSA. There are voluntary dues and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend our meetings and to get involved in our many sponsored activities.

    How often does the HSA meet?

    HSA meetings are scheduled once a month.  Committee chairs may meet as needed to plan their events.


    How can I get involved in the HSA?

    If you’re interested in getting involved with the HSA, please contact any board member (see Home & School Officers page). We are always looking for energetic, enthusiastic volunteers to help make Mill Creek years an incredible experience for our children.


    Should you have any questions, please contact any board member (see Home & School Officers page).