• Mill Creek HSA Committees

    The Mill Creek HSA offers many ways to participate in school activities that directly affect your children.

    The HSA needs a large base of volunteers to organize and run these activities and events. There are opportunities for everyone to contribute their time and expertise, regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home parent with small children, a working parent or a grandparent. You are an important part of the Mill Creek community! Below is a list of Mill Creek committees. Please contact any board member (see Home & School Officers page) if you would like to become involved.

    Kindergarten Family Fun


    1st Grade Family Fun

    Homeroom Parent Coordinators

    2nd Grade Family Fun

    Magic Miles 5K

    3rd Grade Family Fun

    Teacher Appreciation

    4th/5th Grade Family Fun

    Mill Creek Kid’s Corner

    6th Grade Coordinators

    Annual Charity



    Mill Creek Family Fun Event

    School Beautification

    Father Daughter Event


    Mother Son Event

    Kalahari Resort

    Spring Fair


    Book Fair


    Mill Creek Café


    School Store

    Box Tops

    Library Aides