• Back to School

    Dear Parents,


    The items listed below supplement the supplies provided by the school and will help your child be prepared for the many tasks and assignments in the year ahead.  While there may be additional items that individual teachers may request for special classroom projects, the Grade 4 team believes that this list will give you a head start on your Back-to-School shopping.

    ~ Supply box/bag to hold pencils and pens

    ~Six #2 pencils/erasers

    ~Two Glue Sticks- The bigger the better!

    ~ One pair of scissors

    ~ Four packs  of  Post its

    ~ One box (no more than 24) of crayons

    ~ One Set of Colored Pencils

    ~ Two  Highlighters

    ~ Two skinny black Sharpie markers

    ~ One red erasable pen

    ~ One blue erasable pen

    ~ 4 pack Dry erase markers and an eraser or  clean sock to be used as an eraser

    ~ Ear buds for computer lab in a zip lock bag with name on it

    ~ 5 Composition notebooks (plastic covered preferred)

    ~ 5 Dual Pocket Folders (plastic covered preferred)

    ~ 2 Boxes of family size tissues

    ~ Container of disinfectant wipes