Early Dismissal is 11:55AM


    If it becomes necessary for you to take your child out of school for any reason during the school day, a note to the teacher in the morning is most helpful. When you come to school to pick up your child, please report to the office. The office staff will call your child from the classroom and you will be asked to sign your child out. If your child will be returning to school on the same day, please bring your child back to the office, so that he/she can be signed back in. 

    Early dismissal or transportation messages must not be left as voice mail messages in the teacher’s voice mailbox. Teachers do not retrieve voice mail messages until after the conclusion of the student day.



    If your child wishes to go home with a friend, a note is needed from both parents. Transportation regulations prohibit the use of the bus for such visits. 

    Emergency school closings announced after school is in session will be posted first on the Central Bucks web site www.cbsd.org and then broadcast by radio and television stations using the number - 755. You can also get closing information from radio station WBUX (1570 am).School closing information is posted on the website as soon as the superintendent has made the decision.  

    Infinite Campus email contact information is used by the Principals to alert parents to unexpected early dismissals. Parents may confirm their current e-mail at: