This page will list documents used for summer / off-season Lifting Workouts and Running/Aerobic Training.
    Any questions please email Coach Gable (jgable@cbsd.org) over the summer at any time.


  • Summer Lifting & Running Training
    Page 1 - Explanation as to WHY to do all this and HOW to approach your summer training.
    Page 2 - CORE workouts and RUNNING workout

    10week Summer Spring Training Program
    This should be done in conjunction with a weight lifting program over the summer.
    If you are only able to do 3 of the 4 workouts per week, take out 1 of the aerobic run workouts and always do some cross-training on days off or days at the gym.
    If you are only able to do 2 of the 4 workouts per week, do 1 of the sprint workouts and 1 of the aerobic running workouts.  Lifting days can then be more explosive to make-up for the 1-missing sprint workout day, and your 2nd lifting day can be a low-volume / higher-repetition lifting day to make-up for the 1-missing aerobic running day. 

  • Varsity Lifting Program
    Varsity Lifting Program Terminology
    *Both of these programs above detail a more STRUCTURED program targeted for experienced gym-lifters.

    Summer Strength Training Novice version
    *The NOVICE program is for those less experienced with a structured lifting routine, or for those who are able to lift at home but do not have a rack and free weights.  Even VARSITY athletes can do this program.  The long-term benefits of this program is the increasing of weighted-resistance every 2.5-3 weeks (2 weeks heavy, 1 week lighter weight; then increase weight for next 2-week cycle and repeat).


    When you lift be sure to follow these guidelines:

    -Do a cycle of 2-weeks (or 5-workout sessions) of top weights, then 1-week (or 2-workout sessions) of recovery [decrease weighted resistance by 50% during the recovery period]

    -Be sure to stretch both before and after your lifting sessions
    -Do core and/or aerobic jogging/biking/elliptical as recovery periods IN  the workout session and BETWEEN lifting days
    -Be sure you can accurately answer the WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS LIFT when what you are doing. You must LIFT WITH A PURPOSE.  If you are thrower, you focus more on upper-body and quads for explosion.  Sprinters/Jumpers need to increase weighted resistance for both upper and lower body lifting throughout the entire summer. Distance runners should focus more on high volume and lower intensity --- whereas everyone else is increase intensity and keep volume relatively low.
    -NO MAXING OUT!!!  There's no point in this.  Do not do it.  Summer lifting is to gradually increase strength to create a more sustained and longer-lasting effect throughout all your competitive seasons.
    -DO CORE CORE CORE CORE CORE CORE.  A strong core is key for proper technique/form and avoids MANY injuries.
    -DO YOGA TOO!!!  Make it a goal to enter Fall pre-season to be more flexible.  Yoga is great on off days from lifting.  Mix in yoga with your running/aerobic training.
    -Chart / Keep Records of all your lifting and workouts over the summer.  Extra Credit if you show it to me in September.  :) 
  • Warmup, Cooldown Routine
    There is a LOT of information on these 2 pages.  Pay particular attention to the warmup exercises and drills we do every day, the cooldown exercises, and the core (on page 2). 
    Ladder Exercises and Plyometrics can be done in moderation (low volume, ample rest in between each).