• co-teaching


    The Central Bucks School District has adopted a co-teaching model to deliver instruction in selected sections of Social Studies, English, and Science in middle school and high school. We believe that this model will support students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) as they work to achieve their highest academic potential. Central Bucks is committed to the planning and professional development involved with successful implementation of the co-teaching model.


    What is co-teaching?

    Two professionals, one special education teacher and one regular education content teacher, jointly deliver instruction to a group of diverse learners

    Shared planning, presentation, evaluation, and classroom management enhance the learning environment for all students.


    Which courses are involved with co-teaching?

    Selected sections of Social Studies, English, and Science


    What are the benefits to students in co-taught classes?

    Greater potential for individualization and differentiation

    Increased responsiveness to student concerns and questions

    Exposure to the expertise and teaching styles of two professionals

    Improved remediation of skill deficits


    How are students selected for a co-taught course?

    Students are recommended by a professional who is familiar with their learning profile

    Students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) are recommended for a co-taught course through the IEP process


    How will I know that my child is in a co-taught class?

    Parents of students with IEPs will receive a letter after program planning is finalized in late summer or through the program planning process


    How will co-teaching affect my child’s transcript?

    Co-teaching will have no effect on the student’s transcript

    The regular education teacher will be the teacher of record on the student’s transcript


    Who can I contact with questions about co-teaching?

    Your child’s guidance counselor will be able to give you information about co-teaching

    If your child has an IEP, the case manager will assist the IEP team with making a determination about the level of support in Social Studies, English, and Science.